Making a move to ModaLove

Hi everyone!

Thank you all so much for keeping up with Runway to Hallway over the past months and giving me great feedback! I’ve enjoyed working on this blog and plan to continue blogging, but on my other fashion website: ModaLove.

I’ll be moving Runway to Hallway posts to ModaLove where you’ll be able to keep up with me from now on! You can also follow the ModaLove twitter, or like it on Facebook.

Hope to see you all over there!

xo, Leila


What do men think of women’s fashion?

Women always wonder what men think about the outfit she wears and what they don’t like women wearing, especially in college. Today, those questions that pop up here and there in a woman’s mind will be answered in the video below. Enjoy!

xo, Leila

Staple pieces for spring

There’s always something every man and woman need to have in their closet for the upcoming season. Especially for the average college student, it’s helpful for your budget to have a staple piece that can be worked into a variety of outfits. For spring, the pieces are simply a maxi skirt for women and a pair of shoes for men. Continue reading

What is fashion

Fashion is a vague term and many don’t actually know the real definition. In fact, most of the time, it’s relative to however one describes it as. So this week, I made a podcast for listening pleasure, on what fashion really is and how it can keep someone continually interested.

Listen in and enjoy!

XO, Leila