Looking ahead

The end of the quarter is quickly nearing, which means that the class that I’m working on this website for will soon be over. How do I feel about this? Bittersweet. I’ve loved working on this blog as much as I’ve loved the class, but that doesn’t mean that Runway to Hallway will disappear. But for right now, it’s time to briefly look back and then look forward.

Accomplishments so far on Runway to Hallway:

  • Looking at my first posts and comparing them to my more recent ones, I’ve realized they’ve became more engaging and lively to read. This is evident through the amount of comments and likes I’m now receiving..
  • Also, in comparing my posts to each other, I’ve realized that my writing has definitely improved. It’s stronger which also helps the above bullet: making my posts more engaging.
  • Looking at my site stats, I’ve realized I’ve gathered an audience. More people are visiting my site and many are coming through it by searches on Google.

After this class is over, I’m planning on continuing Runway to Hallway because I simply love what I have been doing with this site. However, Runway to Hallway will be moving to my personal fashion site: ModaLove. With this move, I’m hoping to create a name for myself and ModaLove as well as further it so that it can be a site that is looked up to.

Thank you all so much for contributing to Runway to Hallway and I really hoped you all enjoyed this site!

Look forward to the last post of the quarter this Tuesday to see what college men really think about the way college women dress.

xo, Leila


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