Staple pieces for spring

There’s always something every man and woman need to have in their closet for the upcoming season. Especially for the average college student, it’s helpful for your budget to have a staple piece that can be worked into a variety of outfits. For spring, the pieces are simply a maxi skirt for women and a pair of shoes for men.

Throw on a sweater with a maxi for a simple and comfortable outfit.

The Maxi:

Cal Poly Resident Advisor Stephanie Hubbert believes the long skirt is a staple.

“I have seen them worn a hundred different ways and they look great on a lot of people. You can wear it with heels or sandals, a tank top or a nice shirt. You decide!”

Maxi-skirts are incredibly easy to work into outfits and are extremely comfortable, so it’s perfect for a day in while walking to class, or a night out while getting dinner with friends.

However, remember to balance an outfit that includes a maxi skirt. Skirts that hit the floor are perfect when paired with a fitted top or with a somewhat loose (but not too loose!) fitted top,  tucked in and cinched with a belt. For more form-fitting skirts, try looser tops. Outfits with maxis can be pulled off effortlessly, so don’t try too hard trying to decide what to wear on top because anything will work.

Here’s just one of the many ways to style an outfit with a maxi:

Photos and collage put together by Leila Durmaz

If a maxi skirt seems like too much, try a high to low skirt like this one from Forever 21.

Bright Platforms:

Girls have a lot of clothes, so here’s just one more item to add into the spring closets: bright platforms.

Callie Gisler, author of Coffee and Cardigans, can’t live without a pair of them this spring.

“[They] have been on the top of my wish list for a while now and seem like the perfect investment piece this new season!” Gisler said. “I love the bright color and it’s a more subtle take on the bold neon hues that are popping up everywhere these past few weeks.”

She recommends these mustard Lauren Conrad wedges.
Good Shoes:

As simple as it may seem, men should invest in a pair of good quality shoes for the spring.

“Although my favorites are Sperry’s, I say buy any shoes that you will have for a long time that you can wear on many occasions. A good pair of shoes tells me you care about your appearance. Ask mom or a good friend – they will usually know,” Hubbert said.

For University of Nevada, Reno freshman Kevin Cleary, Sperry’s are his go-to shoes.

“I can pop those bad boys on any day because they’re classy,” Cleary said.

Shoes not only bring an outfit together, but they make an outfit, so choose carefully. As college students, Vans is always a good choice because they’re clean, classic and affordable. In general, choose a pair of good quality shoes that will be able to go with any outfit.

Adding these staple pieces to a wardrobe will make spring just a little bit more brighter.

xo, Leila


One thought on “Staple pieces for spring

  1. I love the maxi dress for spring! Longer hemlines are so classic – and pairing it with those bright mustard wedges is definitely on my to-do list. I’ve seen Sperry’s worn quite often, but haven’t tried them myself. Maybe I’ll have to invest in a pair for the warmer weather! Loved reading this, Leila!

    Callie @

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