Make your nails pop for this Valentine’s day

I hope today’s enjoyable with friends, family, or a significant other whether you’re celebrating Single’s Awareness Day or Valentine’s Day. Either way, enjoy the seemingly endless supply of chocolate today!

To make today a little bit more festive for the ladies out there, check out some nail ideas below:

Shimmer and Sparkles:

These days, everyone wants to add some sparkle to their outfit, whether it be for a night out on the town or just subtle shimmer during the day. Why? Because sparkles add something more to an outfit, giving it a little more energy. If adding sparkles to an outfit seems a little over-the-top, paint them on nails instead.

This nail look was done with a random berry pink nail polish I had and the shimmer is Revlon Top Speed nail lacquer in Metallic 860.

Photo taken by Leila Durmaz

  • Step 1: Choose your favorite base coat (my favorite is this one by Sally Hansen. It’s a base and top coat in one) and paint it on your nails. Let dry.
  • Step 2: Take a berry pink nail polish (like Fiesta by essie) and paint two coats on your nails, letting them dry in between.
  • Step 3: Take a silver sparkle nail color and make sure you don’t grab too much on the brush. I wiped my brush along the inside edges of my nail polish bottle to make sure I had a minimal amount of shimmer so that it didn’t cover the pink nail polish. In little strokes, brush the shimmer color over your nails a few times until you’ve painted the coverage you desire. (Note: If you want to use a glitter top coat to make it easier on you, try these Sephora by O.P.I. Jewelry Top Coats)
  • Step 4: Take your favorite top coat and paint over.

If sparkles are still not your thing, try out this next one:

Pretty in Pink:

It’s one thing to just have pink nails for Valentine’s day or any day in general, but it’s another to add a cute design to your nails.

Photo taken by Leila Durmaz

For these nails, the black feathers (as I’d like to call them) can be done on one nail or all. If you’re going to put them on one nail, I’d suggest the thumbs.

  • Step 1: Of course, always paint a base coat.
  • Step 2: Choose a light pink color (mine is Sephora by O.P.I. in Casting Call), light enough so that you’ll be able to see the black feathers that will be painted on later.
  • Step 3: For the black feathers, grab a black nail polish pen (try this Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen) and starting from the bottom right corner of your nail, quickly slide the pen across in a curve, almost hitting the other corner of your nail but not quite. Make another, smaller curve underneath.
  • Step 4: Let dry and paint over with a top coat

It’s as simple as that!

Have a happy Valentine’s day with beautiful nails!




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