In addition to the RSS feed I have where you can get all my posts the second I publish them, I’ve added Twitter to the party!

The Runway to Hallway Twitter page

If you have a twitter (and if not, you should definitely get one), you can follow Runway to Hallway at @runway_hallway.
All my posts will be tweeted so you’ll have more than just one way to stay up to date. If you ever want to send me a comment or a suggestion, you can also just tweet at me instead of commenting on a blog post here.
But I won’t just be posting my blog posts! I’ll be retweeting from sources like @OscarPRGirl, @MBFashionWeek (especially once Fashion Week comes around in a few weeks), and designers like @ErinFetherston so you can stay up to date with fashion news as well!

If you don’t have a twitter (really, you should get one) you can see all my tweets to the right of the home page where it says “Tweets!”

Drop by and give a quick tweet on my twitter!


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