Dress up outfits with a blazer

It might still be chilly out, but it’s never too early to start thinking about spring! Across the Spring 2012 Fashion Week runway in September, there were so many trends that are definitely about to make spring more colorful. Blazers included.

They’re a simple clothing item that you can add to any outfit to instantly look better, therefore making you look even better. And who doesn’t want to look good? Besides, it doesn’t take much more time or effort to put together a clean-looking outfit.

As Cal Poly first-year Julie Lefko says,

“Putting on a cute outfit instead of sweats does not take that much more time to put on. College students don’t have to get to class at unreasonable hours so they should be able to look nice.”

For spring, blazers are no longer just black and outfitted with menswear. Instead, they’re in about every color and are paired with flowy tops, shorts, and of course dresses.

From the Spring 2012 Runway:

Photos via Style.com

I know you might be wondering why or when you would wear a blazer to class, but trust me, they make any outfit look a little bit classier. It’s a staple piece that every girl should have because it’s so versatile. You can easily dress up an outfit without looking too dressy, or you can wear it to business meetings, interviews, and the like.

Below you’ll find a slideshow of outfits you can simply put together!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Are these outfits wearable for the daily college student? Would you wear it?

Julie says:

“Yes, because the blazer looks cuter than a sweatshirt and if the weather is at an in between temperature, it would be a good outfit for class.”

Caroline Hollister, also a first-year at Cal Poly, agrees with Julie:

There’s a struggle between wanting to be comfortable and wanting to look good for class. That outfit looks very nice and put together, minus the heels. Plus, you look professional and ready to learn!

And girls, if you’re wondering whether guys like this look, don’t worry.

JaeDoo Son, a sophomore at United State Military Academy, West Point, says:

“It’s a good look. It’s almost professional and very clean if you can wear it right. But it’s not over the top to where it’s too business to be casual. It works for class and going out.”

So try something new. Get your hands on a blazer, in any color you please, and wear it instead of a sweater or a sweatshirt. It’s the perfect excuse to start shopping for spring!


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