Journalists want clicks to become more popular

If news organizations began paying their bloggers solely based on page views of an article, journalism would lose its credibility.

Of course, it makes sense for bloggers to be paid based on page clicks and views. But if new organizations began paying their bloggers based on clicks, like these rumors that USA Today reports,  there might be some trouble.

New organizations are meant to give news to the public and that should be their sole priority: to report and inform the public. If these organizations instead tell their bloggers that they’re going to be paid based on the number page views and clicks, bloggers will focus on making their material more appealing to readers rather than primarily informative.

Of course, money is always a factor but journalists can make money by focusing on informing the public instead of focusing more on getting page views and clicks. How?

  • Write content that is quality. Articles should be able to speak for themselves.
  • Create a brand for yourself. This helps to create a brand identity that people can identify with. It can be as simple as typography. Take Coca-Cola for instance. When we read “Coca-Cola,” we immediately visualize the typography that’s written on all Coca-Cola products.
  • Create a community with the readers. Say thank you, engage in conversation, and be first to reach out to the community to show them that they matter.

The brand of a website depends on the content produced. If there’s obviously quality in the content, the brand will grow. If the brand grows, the money grows. The content should be exponentially more important than page views and clicks when it comes to money.

What is fashion

Fashion is a vague term and many don’t actually know the real definition. In fact, most of the time, it’s relative to however one describes it as. So this week, I made a podcast for listening pleasure, on what fashion really is and how it can keep someone continually interested.

Listen in and enjoy!

XO, Leila


I’ve absolutely loved working on this site for all you lovely readers out there! It really has been great working with my own loved topic and generating my own content so that you, the reader, will learn something new.

But with winter quarter already more than half of the way through and the journalism class I’m working on this site for almost over, it’s time to look back.

Looking at my past posts, I’ve realized that I need to work on engaging my readers more either through polls or just through content. It’s also important to have good writing style, especially for the Web, and I think I’m doing fairly well in writing in a conversational and bright way. Also, a website’s layout is important in gaining an audience’s attention. After playing with a few themes and finally deciding on the one I currently have, I think it’s a great choice for a blog like mine as it visually attracts the reader.

The Runway to Hallway twitter page and Facebook page have been especially helpful in directing readers to the site and specific articles as I’m getting traffic via those two outlets. Something that surprised me was the hits I was getting on Runway to Hallway from specific search engine terms. Obviously, supplying posts with tags is helpful in generating traffic.

Runway to Hallway reaches out to a niche group: those who want to learn more about fashion and how to work with it by creating outfits. Though my site is targeted toward college students, I think that it can have a broader audience, reaching out to those who just want to learn more about fashion trends and how to wear them.

For my next few posts, I’m definitely looking to improve upon them and making them more engaging and interesting. Talking about clothing and fashion in general can be difficult to make interesting for a wide audience which is why Runway to Hallway is focused toward a niche audience. But I want to try to spike an interest via my posts to a more broader audience, especially in men.

In working on this website, I’ve learned a lot from some of my favorite blogs:

    • Coffee and Cardigans has a very calm and inviting theme that’s easy on the eyes. I love this blog because it’s very personal but at the same time very interesting to read. Much like Runway to Hallway, Callie Gisler’s site is about affordable style, as well as reviews and beauty topics, and is focused on a college student audience. Coffee and Cardigans also generates a lot of interaction with the reader, which I believe I need to work on.
    • Another blog I absolutely love is Just Add Glam. This site is extremely conversational and makes you want to interact with each post via comments. The layout is also visually appealing and the pictures she posts are great, making the reader want to delve into her site.

It’s been great writing for all you lovely readers and I hope you all love it as well! Feel free to send me a comment or a suggestion for what you’d like to see and anything else you want to say!
Thanks so much!

XO, Leila